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1 university of Basrah, college of medicine, Surgery department

2 university of Basrah, college of Nursery

3 Urosurgery department , Basrah teaching hospital , Basrah ,Iraq


Background: hypospadias is a congenital anomaly of the urethra that is seen increasingly in clinical practice. Distal hypospadias is the most common type of this anomaly and a variety of repairs had been used to correct the deformity. The tubularized incised plate urethroplasty (TIP) is one of the widely used techniques for this purpose .The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome of TIP repair in adolescents regarding sexual and voiding functions.
Materials and methods: A retrospective study including 38 male patients aged 15-16 years was done in multicenter from 2003 to 2020.All the patients were having a distal type of hypospadias which was repaired by TIP repair at childhood. The patients were assessed for the presence of complications and for their voiding function. In addition, they were asked about the occurrence of normal ejaculation.
Results: The mean age at surgery was 2.5 years .The study showed that 10 patients (26.3 %) gave a history of ejaculation with masturbation versus 28 (73.7 %) patients who denied the history of ejaculation. The results showed that urethrocutaneous fistula was seen in 4 patients (10.5 %).Three patients (7.9 %) had meatal stenosis, one patient (2.6 %) had urethral stenosis and another one (2.6%) had persistent chordee.
Conclusion: Snodgrass (TIP) repair is considered as an appealing surgical technique for repair of distal type of hypospadias which accounts for the majority of hypospadias. It has very good results regarding the outcome of surgery even at the long term period.


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