An important part of academic work is referencing which recognizes the sources of information that  have been used to write a paper , and it provides  enough information to identify the sources by the readers.

Plagiarism, duplicate publication, concurrent submission, data fabrication and falsification, and illegal credit of author contribution are considered as violations of publication ethics. 

The term plagiarism describes the unacknowledged use of work and is usually produced by improper  referencing and is a violation of moral and professional ethics.

Therefor to prevent such violation submissions to Basrah Journal of Surgery are subject to inspection using Plagiarism detection Software called ithenticate. Thus, any unethical behaviors are unacceptable by the journal. It is necessary to mention that Basrah  Journal of Surgery may ignore similarity of more than 20%.

New submissions to Basrah journal of Surgery  are screened using Crosscheck within the editorial system. The responsible editorial board member may run a similarity report at any point during the review process or post-publication to ensure the originality of the writing process.