Basrah Journal of Surgery ( ISSN Print : 1683-3589 ) is one of the  Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals in medical field

It is  published biannually in June and December by Department of Surgery, College of Medicine University of Basrah

The Journal is available in printed and  online versions.

Printed issue is available immediately after publication  in the journal office  free of charge  for the authors.

Open access is available online at.


The journal is an open access publishes original articles, review articles, leading articles and case reports exclusively in English language with high standards and quality which should be merited during review, edition and when publishing papers. For this task, authors, reviewers, editorial members have to observe this strategy and ensure that the submitted work with it's data and relevant results are original with appropriate citation of relevant literature and avoidance of unnecessary and inappropriate self-citation. Any work that not met these standards will be rejected.The editor checks The author will be informed about acceptance or rejection via a letter from the Editor- in- Chief.   Accepted submissions will be scaduled for publication without intended delay according to workload and completion of copy-editing and format . Meanwhile  a letter of acceptance will be send to the author.the standards, style and plagiarism before forward to reviewer. No restrictions will be considered in regard with concise manuscript. All publications will be permanently free to read, download, copy and distribute. 

In view of publication ethics and malpractice statement, the journal follows the following standards:  

Editorial Board

-The editorial board regularly meet before publishing the new issue and discuss any conflict of interest that affects publication

-Carry the responsibility of proper final selection of papers that match journal scope 

-The Editor-in chief has the authority of final acceptance or rejection based on the reports of the reviewer and recommendation of the editor in charge

-The Editor have to check the eligibility of the paper to pass through review process

-The Editor should investigate for any misconduct  

-An editorial team will investigate the submitted paper for Plagiarism, standards and style. And provides a full report to the editor who selects a reviewer with coordination with the editor in chief.

Therefore, plagiarism in all forms have to be avoided including text recycling

Peer Reviewer 

-The editor selects an appropriate reviewer based on the publication speciality  

-A written request signed by the Editor-in chief is send to the reviewer.   

-The reviewer should complete the review process during the  time limit without intended delay 

-Assesment should be proper and precised  with attention to any  duplicate publication, plagiarism, and inappropriate or unnecessary citation  

-The reviewer should inform the editor about any conflict of interest while reviewing a paper

-Cause of rejection need to be clearly stated

- The feedback with reviewer's  full name and signature should be posted to the editor in charge with clearly stated accepted or rejected  


-Before submitting a paper, authors have to review the Instructions to Authors   and validate that the work has not been submitted simultaneously to another journal, and has  not been accepted for publication by another journal, nor has it been already published else where in similar manner. Any such attempt, when detected, will result in automatic rejection and may prejudice acceptance of future contributions.

-Authors should submit Papers to Basrah Journal of Surgery with  high quality standards in the surgical field with all necessary permit when collecting materials for their study 

-Authors must follow certain rules to ensure original contribution of works , to avoid copyright conflicts: 

1-     Co-authors should be aware of and agree to the contents of the submission.

2-     Co-authors should agree with the journal rules and the journal open access policy.

3-     All  necessary steps should be taken regarding collecting materials and illustrations to avoid copyright conflict and this have to be declared by the corresponding author

4-     A covering letter must accompany all submissions and must be signed by all authors. The first named author is responsible for ensuring that all co-authors have seen and approved the manuscript and are fully oriented with its contents.

5-     Authors should consult uniform requirements for manuscripts

6-     Describe sources of information and methods of selection, declare opposing interests, don’t ignore important data, don’t ignore important work of others

7-      If the work is financially supported by some commercial organization or pharmaceutical company, the source of funding must be acknowledged

8-     It’s not always enough to state that the study was approved by an ethical committee. and should consider the following Publication ethics

 – avoid misconduct

–  protect patients’ identities

 – report clearly:

– informed consent

– any deviation from usual practice

  – full burden imposed on participants

 – total risks posed to participants or others

 – benefits to participants, patients, society 


Basrah Journal of Surgery follows double-blind peer review to overcome opposed reviewers, and conflicts of interest between reviewer and author. 

Review process 

1- Authors are requested to submit their paper in electronic version either by e mail or to the journal office or online 

2-The editor will investigate the paper for plagiarism, journal standards and style

3- Papers which met  journal standards and style will be subjected to double blind review process which is coordinated by an editorial member under supervisionof editor in chief.

4-The reviewer should state clearly the eligibility of the paper to be published , causes of rejection need to be clarified.

5-After completing the review process, final acceptance or rejection is approved by  the editor-in-chief based on the reviewers’            feedback  and the recommendation  of the editor in charge of the review process.


The journal allows the author to hold the copyright without restrictions. 

also  the journal allows the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions.

Basrah Journal of surgery  is a free open access journal with free subscription. Authors are encouraged to distribute their work by directly  forwarding  the URL  to their colleagues to ensure a wide spread in the world of competence.

Backup and Archiving 

The journal available online and indexed in Basrah Journal of Surgery (



Authors who  believe that the incorrect decision has been reached in rejection their paper for publication have the right to appeal to the editorial board. Such appeals will be considered respectfully on process and scientific grounds. For more information, please contact the Editorial office