CYSTIC FOREIGN BODY GIANT CELL GRANULOMA IN XERODERMA PIGMENTOSUM Ali Abbas Alshawi FFDRCSI, FDSRCS. Assist. Prof. Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Basrah General Hospital, Dean of Basrah Dental College, Basrah, Iraq.
Abstract A case of cystic foreign body giant cell granuloma is presented. The patient, nineteen years of age, known case of Xeroderma Pigmentosum, presented to the maxillofacial unite, Basrah General Hospital, Iraq, with slowly enlarging cervical cystic mass. Examination revealed cystic swelling in the mid-left side of the neck of six months duration. The mass was not tender and was immobile. Aspiration revealed straw colored fluid. The excised mass, showed cystic lesion, the base of which had an extensive soft tissue growth, histologically consisted of foreign body giant cell granulomas. There was no recurrence at a follow-up of 17 years.