Beta 2 microglobulin is a known marker used in the follow up and monitoring therapy of patients with hematological malignancies. However, its assistant role in the diagnosis of some of them, like lymphomas is less highlighted. Thus, this study was designed as a part of a larger, wide scale study, to clarify the help of B2MG in the support of the diagnosis of different types of lymphoma. A total of 669 newly diagnosed, pre-treated lymphoma cases were investigated for B2MG using the ELFA/mini VIDAS system and the results showed an elevated level of B2MG among both Hodgkin & non-Hodgkin, adults and childhood and nodal and extranodal lymphomas, with a significant increase among non-Hodgkin and extranodal type of lymphomas, a finding that may make its use as a diagnostic marker is helpful. Those results were comparable to some and contradicting to other studies. Further future studies are in need to consolidate this.