This study aimed to assess the option of choice concerning venous reconstruction and simple venous ligation especially in unstable patient with life threatening visceral injuries. A retrospective study of 347 patients operated upon for injuries of the venous system at vascular surgical unit, Al-Sader teaching hospital, from 1st of January 2005 to 31st of March 2012. Males were affected more than females with ratio of 6.7:1, however we had increased number of the injured female. Most of the cases had either shell injury (38.3%) or bullet injury (32.6%) with total percentage (70.9%). The majority of the patients had associated injuries (90%). In this series amputation rate, and revision surgeries done for ischemic limbs were lower when patients underwent repair. Disappearance of edema in post-operative period was significantly more rapid when the injured vein was repaired. The site of venous injury was found in this study to be the major factor that determines the morbidity. In conclusion, repair of the vein is favored when the conditions are optimal. In the presence of uncontrolled bleeding with persistent hemodynamic instability, ligation is recommended.