Reconstructive microsurgery represents one of the most significant surgical advancement in the second half of the twentieth century. To start such kind of work for the first time in a big city is a great challenge. In this study, we will try to evaluate our work in free flap in Basrah Plastic Surgery unit, and how we manage to start this kind of work in a location and situations not ideal for it. The aim of this study is to evaluate our work (the success and failure) that Basrah center faced in the free flap work and microsurgery, so other centers in Iraq who wish to start this kind of work to benefit from our experience and avoid the mistakes that we had to solve it. This is a retrospective study of thirteen cases which were done in Al-Sadder teaching hospital in Basrah,Iraq from August 2007 to March 2013. They were 10 males and 3 females, with age range from 4-40 y (median age 17y). In all cases, the lower limb was injuries except in one case where there was scalp loss. In all of the cases Latissimus Dorsi muscle was used as a donor muscle. Seven out of the 13 cases were successful (54%). In 6 of the cases there was failure due to variety of causes discussed later in detail so as to be avoided in future work. In conclusion, it is possible to start free flap work in any Plastic Surgery unit if the facilities are available. Team work, proper preoperative evaluation and planning, team decision and equal division of roles are the key points for success.