‎ We prospectively studied 64 patients with fracture shaft tibia, 23 patients with closed tibial fracture and ‎‎41 patients with open type. All fractures were stabilized by external fixation device AO/ASIF type after ‎failed manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) to restore the osseous alignment. In 28 patients cancellous ‎bone graft were used after the upper part of the tibia to enhance healing process, all these patients were ‎followed for an average of 8-12 months.‎
‎ Our findings showed that stabilization of the fracture shaft tibia by external fixation with cancellous bone ‎graft had significantly better results, than external fixation alone.‎
‎ The use of external fixation device with bone graft, is safe, effective, cheap and available in almost all ‎orthopaedic units n Iraq. ‎