This is prospective study to assess the use of clomipramine as daily dose to improve premature ejaculation when on demand dose fail to achieve it. The study included 38 men with premature ejaculation who fail to response to clomipramine as on demand treatment were divided into two groups: group A used a daily dose of 10 mg clomipramine in 1st 3weeks increased to 25 mg in the next 3 weeks and group B used placebo for the same period. The patients were asked to determined the intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) and any unpleasant symptoms. The subjects were contacted every 3 weeks to assess the improvement, satisfaction and presence or absence of side effects. We found a significant dose dependant increase in the mean IELT in group A from 47.7 � 21.2 sec to 76.5 � 33.9 sec with 10 mg of clomipramine and to 143.1 � 53.9 sec with 25 mg while in group B the increase was from 45.5�10 sec to 51.2 � 15.2 sec after 3 weeks and to 55.4 � 14.9 sec after 6 weeks. The IELT in group A was statistically significantly (p < 0.05) longer than that in group B. The patients' sexual satisfaction rates were statistically significant (p <0.05) after treatment with clomipramine and placebo which were 54% and 21% respectively. The side effects in both groups were mild. We conclude that a daily dose of clomipramine is effective treatment for patients with premature ejaculation to improve their IELT with high patients' satisfaction and accepted side effects.