Microscopic study was done on surgically collected samples of prolapsed intervertebral disc. These samples were collected from patients suffered from low back pain associated with right or left leg pain. The study was focused on patients below 40 years. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used to confirm the diagnosis.
The study demonstrates the degenerative changes that occur early in these patients which may be resulted from any traumatic causes which lead to series of degenerative changes that occur faster and differ from that changes which occur with age progress.
Forty samples of prolapsed intervertebral discs were collected surgically and 5 control intervertebral disc were studied for comparison.
Nerve ingrowths have demonstrated (histological and histochemical) in region of the excised tissue of prolapsed disc. This feature is accompanied with several degenerative changes like cloning of chondrocytes, irregularity of collagen fibers, and invasion of newly formed blood vessels into the disc matrix.