The object of this paper is to illustrate the surgical steps in sequence, which were found more ‎useful and informative for DDH of a limited age (8-12) years. Throughout a period of 25 ‎years of work in this field. The retrospective study showed clearly the pitfalls, complication, ‎how to avoid them, to be aware about them and how to solve them properly if they occurred. ‎Few remarks will be mentioned about neglected subluxated hips and the proper way of ‎dealing with them to serve the patient for few years before embarking on total hip ‎replacement. Such Chiari or periacetabular triple osteotomy. The conclusion I reached finally ‎was that experience in this part as in any other part of surgery comes slowly and gradually, it ‎grows with years and familiarity with the subject is established form early years of ‎management to adulthood. I believe that we can learn more from one mistake than from ten ‎successes. ‎