Tendency to heal with an abnormal
The external ear is most prone to
unfavorable wound responses such as
keloids8. Earlobe keloids are common
response to ear piercing, especially in
females and darker skin individuals9.
Keloids on the ears present several
therapeutic challenges. They are
common after small skin excisions and
other procedures, including drainage of
auricular hematomas, repair of other
auricular traumas or as secondary
keloid formation after prior keloid
excision. Several treatment modalities
are used for keloid such as surgery
alone or surgery combined with other
measures with varying success rates.
Today there is no agreement about
which treatment modality will
significantly solve the problem10.
This paper report a case of a large
bilateral post burn ear keloid on the
helical rim which was successfully
treated with surgery and intra-lesional
injection of 5FU and Triamcinolon.