Auricular reconstruction represents a meticulous reconstructive and aesthetic problem to the
plastic surgeon. One of the greatest challenges in facial plastic surgery is total ear
reconstruction. The ability to reconstruct a fully satisfactory complete external ear has for
centuries been an elusive goal. The most promising field of advances with the hope of
eventually clinical utility lies in the realm of bioengineering with cultured cartilage.
To date, no perfect material has been found to substitute for the sharply elastic cartilage
normally present in ear, the matter of total auricular reconstruction remain very complex,
Prosthetic restoration is not favored by most but does remain available option for many
patients. Tissue engineers have waited to create a precise three dimensional auricular
reconstruction neocartilage.
Ten patients were operated upon for auricular reconstruction in Basrah Alsader Teaching
Hospital. The operation had 2 stages: First stage, creation and implantation of framework
cartilage graft, which harvested from the 6th ,7th & 8th ribs. The second stage, was detachment of
the constructed auricles ear lobe transposition and post auricular sulcus was defined by
separating the constructed auricle from the head covering the under surface with a thick split
thickness skin graft.
The success rate was 90% with good and satisfactory result except in one case; there was
infection with loss of the cartilage.