Objective: To compare the effectiveness of monopolar diathermy haemorrhoidectomy and closure of haemorrhoidectomy wound with conventional Milligan-Morgan haemorrhoidectomy in reducing the post operative pain and complications. Also to determine the time of hospital stay, wound healing and return to activity.
Patients & Methods: A total of 180 patients with symptomatic haemorrhoids (3rd and 4th degree) were studied from May 2000 to March 2003 at Basrah General Hospital. Patients were randomized into two groups; group (A) treated by open haemorrhoidectomy according to Milligan –Morgan (no.=100), and group (B) treated by 30 watts monopolar diathermy haemorrhoidectomy with closure of haemorrhoidectomy wound (no=80).
Result: Significant differences between the two groups were noticed regarding the postoperative pain and complications, time of wound healing and return to activity.
Conclusion: patients with symptomatic haemorrhoids derive greater benefit from diathermy haemorrhoidectomy with wound closure regarding less postoperative pain and complications, short hospital stay and early return to normal life.