This is a prospective study done in Basra Petro–Chemical Factory Health Center, from the period of Jan. 2001 to Des. 2001. Eighty workers aged 20-50 years were included in this study; they were subjected to a questionnaire including history of noise exposure, drug and medical history, full ENT and audiological examinations.
They were divided into two groups (control and noise exposed workers). The majority of noise exposed workers fell in the age group 31-40 years (20.5%). Twenty three workers of this group (57.5%) exposed to noise more than eight hours per day. The main complaint were bilateral deafness (22.5%) and aural fullness (20.5%).The audiological results were 18 workers (45%) had bilateral high frequency sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), 10 workers (25%) of the high frequency SNHL have mild hearing loss with 20-35 dBA. Only two workers (engineers) using ear protection have no aural complaint. We conclude from this study that noise induced hearing loss is preventable disease by ear protection and decrease daily exposure.