Burn injury result in a significant physical and psychological trauma to the burn patients. The
highest mortality is among low socioeconomic status countries. This study aimed to analyze
factors contributing to death in burn patients in Basrah General Hospital burn unit.
One hundred fifty patients died in Basrah General Hospital unit from January 2000 to December
2001, retrospective analysis of their records including; residency, age, sex, percentage of
total body surface area burned, cause and time of burn.
Most patients were females 69% (04 patients), males 31% (64 patients), high mortality in age
group (10-29years), 53% (79/150), females predominate in this age group 58%, males 39%.
Males predominate 26% (12/46) over females 13% (13/104) at age group 0-3 years. Most of
mortality within percentage of total body surface area burn of (31%-40%) is 18% (27/150), percentage
of burn of 91%-100% is 21% (32/150). Commonest cause of death is infection 57% (85
patients), hypovolemia and inhalation injuries in 31% (47/150 patients). Number of deaths at
first seven days post burn is 84% (126/150).
It is concluded that the commenst cause of death is infection. High risk age group is children
and young females which reflect lack of social security. Therefore preventive measures are