Among the vascular injuries, the brachial artery injury is common one. This is a retrospective
study of 90 patients admitted at Al-Sader teaching hospital in Najaf from the 1st
of January 2007 to the 1st of January 2008. The most common mechanism of injury was
bullet and shell injuries (57.8%) followed by stab (25.5%), and blunt injury (13.4%). The
least was iatrogenic in (3.3%) of cases. The surgical technique used to repair the vessel
was resection and end to end anastamosis in 47.8% of cases, in 27.8% of the patients
venous graft was used. Arteriorhaphy was done in 8.8% of the cases. Associated venous
injuries were dealt with by ligation of the veins. No attempt to do venous repair and no
fasciotomy was needed. The outcome of the injury in this study was in general good. The
morbidity of the patients due to nerve injury, wound infection and joint stiffness still a
problem. Mortality was 7.7% was due to associated injuries and delayed presentation of
the patients. This study aimed to analyze the cause of injury, surgical approach, outcome
and complications of brachial artery injury.