This study aimed to provide a comprehensive review of the techniques used for reconstruction
of the medial canthal tendon in telecanthus cases and to analyze the most suitable reconstructive
methods for different medial canthal tendon lesions methods. This clinical study has been
done on 22 patients with a 25 medial canthal tendons (MCT) lesions and attended to Al-wasiti
and surgical specialties hospitals in the period from February 2003 and march 2004. The cases
studied from clinical, aesthetic and reconstructive aspects.
All patients presented with telecanthus and either congenitally lax or injured medial canthal
tendons. Reconstruction of the lesions was done using four different surgical techniques dirct
repair of the medial canthal tendon (canthorraphy) done for four patients, medial canthal tendon
(anterior limb) plication for six cases, transnasal canthopexy was done for nine patients with
open reduction and fixation of frontal process of maxilla were done for six patients. We conclude
that desired surgical outcome can be achieved where there is bony attachments of the medial
canthal tendon.