The placenta was chosen as a possible sample for detection of degenerative changes by
tobacco smoking in the human pregnant female. Passive smoking mother during pregnancy is
associated with increase of collagen content of the villi, decrease fetal weight, increase in the
number of villi, increase of trophoblastic apoptosis and increase in the thickness of maternofetal
barrier. Sections, 3-5 micron thickness of 40 full term placentae of passive smoking mothers
and 30 number of gestational matched placenta were used as control, they were studied
under light microscope. Appreciable degenerative changes were found in the group of passive
smoker females, he main findings were: thickening of the basement membrane of placental
villus, increase in the collagen content of the villus, and increase in the syncytial budding,
increase in the materno-fetal barrier thickness and extensive loss of trophoblast. This study
concluded that tobacco is harmful to the human tissue and vascular system in general
suggesting that smoking results in deteriorating organ structure and function.�