The aim of this study is to evaluate the use of onlay mesh in the management of large or
complex incisional hernia. A prospective study of 80 patients with incisional hernia
operated on at al-Sadr Teaching Hospital treated with onlay mesh between Jan 2001 to
Jan 2006. Thorough history and physical examination was done, data sheet was
designed include numerous factors that effect operative and healing process. Of 80
patients, 61.2% female &38.8 % male with median age 40.1 years for female & 53
years for male. Patients were with different associated medical problems. Main incision
was lower midline incision 26.2% &main post operative complications was seroma
7.5% & wound infection 7.5% while recurrence of hernia observed in 2.5%.This study
showed that, the big incisional hernias can be efficiently treated by the onlay
positioning of polypropylene mesh.