This study aimed to investigate the tonsils as an origin of halitosis and to assess the efficacy of
tonsillectomy for the treatment of oral bad breath caused by chronic tonsillitis. After excluding
dental, periodontal, sinonasal, oral, pulmonary, and gastroenterological diseases as the origin of
halitosis, fourty-four patients with halitosis caused by chronic tonsillitis which proved by positive
Finkelstein's tonsil smelling test (pressing the tonsils and smelling the squeezed discharge),
were included in the study. All patients were treated by tonsillectomy. Subjective and objective
postoperative assessment was based on self-and-family report and clinical assessment.
Patients were reviewed after 4 and 8 weeks postoperatively. Complete improvement of halitosis
occurred in 31 patients (70.4%) after 4 weeks, this value increased to 35 patients (79.5%) in the
second review after 8 weeks. It is concluded that tonsillectomy is significantly effective
procedure for the treatment of halitosis caused by chronic tonsillitis.