Missile hand injuries (MHI) have increased in our locality, in this prospective study 130 patients
(140 hands) with MHI were included, they were 86% male, and 42% were between 21 to 30
years of age. Forty nine percent were injured by bullet and 26% by explosions of different
objects. Combined tissue injuries were presented in 62% of the patients with associated
fractures in 63%. In 70% of the hands initial surgical wound debridment was performed, 24% of
the fractures were stabilized by K- wire and with the simple skeletal external fixations in 18%.
Serial different types of secondary and definitive surgical treatment were performed in 62% of
the patients. After the follow up period, most of the patients had multiple complains and only
14% had a satisfactory functional hand.
The initial, definitive management, the severity and mechanism of the injury that lead to
multiple tissue damage had a great affect on final functional recovery.