Background context: Both systemic hypertension and degenerative spinal canal stenosis are
common diseases in the population, however, the cross relationship had not been reported.
Purpose: To determine the incidence of systemic hypertension among patients with
degenerative spinal canal stenosis and to describe the pattern of this degenerative spinal canal
stenosis in south of iraq.
Study design: Retrospective and prospective review.
Patient sample: A total of 1699 persons (644 females and 1055 males) whom their blood
pressure measured. A 326 patients had degenerative spinal canal stenosis and 1373 not had
spinal stenosis {599 patients had prolapsed intervertebral disc prolapse operated on(control
no.1 group) and 774 persons were normal (control no.2 group)}.
Outcome measure: Postoperative blood pressure monitoring.
Methods: Systemic blood pressure measurement were reviewed for all of the 1699 persons
with postoperative follow up of their blood pressure, also the level of pathology was recorded.
Results: Systemic hypertension was present in 46% of patients with degenerative spinal canal
stenosis, 18.1% of patients with intervertebral disc prolapse (control no.1) and in 17.4% of
normal persons(control no.2). Postoperativly, hypertension resolved spontaneously or easily
controlled with less number and lower doses of antihypertensive drugs.
Conclusion: Systemic hypertension highly prevalent among patients with spinal stenosis and
disappear or becomes lower after operative treatment.