ABO blood grouping is currently considered as one of the essential immunological tests done
before many clinical interventions; on the top of them are clinical blood transfusion procedures.
In a period of 14 months, 620 blood samples were collected from normal individuals including
294 males & 326 females after demographic study of each one. Samples were tested for ABO
grouping using the standardized methods.
Results were analyzed statistically using the SPSS analytical system. Results showed that
blood group O was the most prevalent type among the whole Basrah Governorate, in all its
districts & among both sexes, while the blood groups B & A came next, where as B group was a
little bit higher in the whole sample of the Governorate & among females while the A was a little
bit higher among males. The AB blood group was the least of the four among all. There was
little variation in the distribution of the four blood groups among the different regions of Basrah
Governorate but with conservation of the above mentioned graduation. Those results were
comparable to the results registered in some neighboring countries, but differ more or less from
other far countries.