This study aimed to know the effect of serum calcium(Ca), inorganic phosphate(P), uric acid
(UA), copper(Cu), zinc(Zn) and magnesium(Mg) on osteoarthritic (OA) patients who are having
pure OA of knee & those having diffuse OA (knee and spine), and to clarify the relationship of
those parameters with severity of symptoms and radiological findings.
This is a prospective case control study conducted at Basrah province through of a period of 9
months from October 2001 to June 2002, during which 100 patients with different types of OA
were admitted to the Orthopedics Clinic of Basrah General Hospital. Their age ranged from 40
to 68 years olds (24 males and 76 females), were allocated into 3 groups (mild, moderate and
sever OA) according to their symptoms and radiological findings. On the other hand 80
apparently heath subjects (23 males and 57 females). Their ages ranged from 40-70 years old
were participated as a control group.
Venous blood samples were collected from each subjects and patients participated in this study
for measurements Ca, P, UA ,Cu, Zn and Mg by using standard methods.
Among two age groups and in female patients serum Ca level was highly significantly lowered
(p > 0.01) in patients with moderate OA of knee as compared with mild OA patients.
Serum uric acid was significantly increased(p> 0.05) in patients having mild OA of knee as
compared with mild OA of (knee and spine) at age group . 55 years, the same results was
observed in male patients as compared to the females group. Serum Cu and P levels were nonsignificantly
altered (p< 0.05) in two types of OA among different age and sex groups. Serum
Zn levels was significantly lowered (P<0.05) in patients with moderate and mild OA of knee and
in sever and moderate OA of knee and combined for serum Mg levels among different age and
sex groups.
On the basis of this study, it can be concluded that incidence of moderate OA were high and
represent 58% of total numbers of patient studied who were at higher risk of significantly
decrease in the concentration of calcium, zinc and magnesium.