Acute appendicitis is one of the commonest surgical emergencies. The diagnosis is still
doubtful in a number of cases. Neutrophil/Lymphocyte ratio (N/L R) is a simple, applicable
hematological test which carried out to find if there is any relationship between this ratio and
acute appendicitis and to see could the ratio be used as a diagnostic tool rather than white
blood cell count (WBC) alone.
This study was carried out on 70 patients aged (9-45) years who was admitted to hospital with
suspicion of acute appendicitis, latter on, they underwent appendectomy. Preoperative blood
sample was collected from each patient for WBC and differentials leukocyte count.
Postoperatively appendectomy specimens were taken to histopathological examination, which
shows 52 cases of inflamed appendix and 18 normal appendices.
When the (N/L R) and (WBC) were correlated with results of histopathology, it was found that
there is a relationship between acute appendicitis and (N/L R), especially if we use the ratio at
cut off point which was>2.6(p value<0.05=0.0001), The sensitivity was 80.76% while the
specificity was 72.22% and accuracy was 78.57%, while the results showed that the (WBC)
alone had a limited role in diagnosis of acute appendicitis (p value >0.05=0.219).
In conclusion, there is a strong relationship between (N/L R) and acute appendicitis.