Deep partial or full thickness burn if untreated, neglected, infected or managed conservatively can develop
sever deformity & scar contracture in the joint with significant reduction in patient activities.
In this study, the patients who underwent excision and grafting had significantly shorter hospital stay, lower
hospital charges and fewer infectious complications.
One hundred cases of burn injury admitted to the department of Plastic Surgery in Al-Sadder teaching
hospital for the period between January 2009 to January 2010. They were referred because of late
complications of burn injury. They were 60 males and 40 females. Patients burned with dry heat are most
likely to get complication according to this series, 67% of the patients with complication are injured by dry
heat, far less are scalding which forms 18%.
The types of reconstructive operations depend on severity of the deformity, site of the deformity and patient
preference. About 35% of the patients needed excision and grafting, but also some needed surgical
interference ranging from simple grafting to more lengthy procedure as tissue expander.
First degree burn can be treated conservatively, 2nd&3rd degree are treated by early surgical excision &
grafting within 24 hours when the general condition is stable. This will decrease the duration of wound
healing, decrease time of patient morbidity & hospitalization, early return to their jobs.