This is a prospective study was done on one hundred patients with late complications of the amputated stump between may 2001-2004 in Vincent Orthopedic center in Sulaimanya. There were eighty men and twenty women, their age range from seventeen to sixty years. Fifty patients with infected stump range from abscess formation in fifteen cases, infected epidermoid cysts in five cases to fissuring and ulceration of stump in thirty cases. Fifteen patients with painful neuromas attached to the scar tissue. Ten patients with below knee amputation had knee flexion deformity. Nine patients with below knee amputation with prominent bones compressing the skin of the stumps the fibula were long and the anterior edge of the tibia compressing the skin. Fifteen patients with loose cushion of muscles. One patient with recurrent infected above ankle amputation stump superadded by squamous cell carcinoma. All patients were treated by refashioning of the amputation stump, except one with squamous cell carcinoma.