Fifty seven patients with renal tumor were analyzed in terms of incidence, age, sex, histopathological type, clinical presentation and risk factors regarding renal carcinoma.
This study was conveyed in Chwarbakh Surgical Hospital, Sulaimaniyah Teaching Hospital, Shorsh Teaching Hospital and the private hospitals in Sulaimaniyah from December 1999- December 2002 and the data were as the following:
The commonest presenting age was between 60-80 years, apart from Wilm's tumor which was between 0.4-7 years of age, and the female to male ratio was 2.2:1.5. The tumor was more prevalent in urban than in rural areas. Most of the tumors were renal adenocarcinoma. Clear cell type was the predominant histological type, commoner on the left, with predilection to the upper pole. Abdominal pain, hematuria, and abdominal mass were the commonest presenting features. Ultrasound, intravenous urography, and computerized tomography scan were the important diagnostic tools. The most important risk factors were obesity, smoking and associated renal disease.