Splenectomy is performed rather frequently in Basrah city, it is indicated for various disorders including abdominal trauma, hematological disorders and others. This study aimed to analyze the experience in splenectomies performed in Basrah and outlining their different indications. This is a combined prospective and retrospective study of patients who underwent splenectomy in the five major hospitals in Basrah over 3 years period (2008–2010). Patients underwent Splenectomy were 213, 54% underwent elective splenectomy while 46% underwent emergency splenectomy. 144 patients were males while 69 patients were females. The most common indications for splenectomy was trauma (44.6 %), B-thalassemia (18.3 %) and sickle B-thalassemia (17.3 %). In conclusion, the most common indication for splenectomy in Basrah was abdominal trauma followed by hematological diseases, most commonly B-thalassemia and sickle B-thalassemia. All patients underwent conventional open splenectomy, no one underwent minimally invasive approach.