Introduction norectal abscess is one of the common surgical problems of the anorectal region1-4. It is a suppurative process of the anal canal that originates from infection of an obstructed anal gland5,6. Once infection gains access to the intersphincteric space, it has easy access to the adjacent perirectal spaces7. Men are affected more than women with 3rd and 4th decades of life as the peak age of incidence7,8. In a descending order of frequency; perianal, ischiorectal, sub-mucosal and supralevator are abscess types according to anatomical location7-12. The bacterial profile of an abscess, which is usually a mixed infection involving aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, is considered as a prognostic factor for recurrent abscess and fistula formation1,5, 7,10,13,14. Diagnosis is made on basis of history and anorectal examination and is usually easy except in case of deep abscess9,15. All cases require urgent incision and drainage4,16.