The research of the etiology of low back pain and right leg pain has been focused on the study of histological degenerative changes of human intervertebral disc prolapse. In patients with low back pain & right leg pain and disc prolapsed according to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), histological and histochemical studies have demonstrated several histological degenerative changes in the structure of the prolapsed intervertebral disc. Surgically excised intervertebral disc from 105 patients with lumber disc prolapsed were studied by histomorphology aided with histochemistry this include patients with prolapsed disc due to several causes. 5 control intervertebral discs were studied for comparison. Our result indicated that their was a degenerative structural changes of the intervertebral disc prolapse. Chondrocytes cloning, invasion of blood vessels into the disc matrix, disorganisation and disorientation of collagen fibers, matrix depletion and many other changes were observed.