This is a study of fourteen cases presented with hypopharyngeal and upper esophageal tumours that underwent pharyngo-laryngo-esophagectomy with trans-hiatus gastric transposition. PLEGT-with pharyngo gastric anastomosis, done in the period between 1/2/1997 – 2/6/2001 in Alyarmouk Teaching Hospital in Baghdad. Usual complaints of the patients were dysphagia. Some of the patients had stridor that necessitated tracheotomy prior to the operation. Postoperative mortality was 14%, three of the patients developed anastomotic fistulae, all of them responded to surgical treatment, other complications included two cases of pneumothorax, the disease recurred locally in two cases, four cases of wound infection, and four cases of transient hypocalcemia. The mean period of follow up was thirty months, during this period, three patients died, two of them after recurrence of the disease and one due to C.V.A., nevertheless all of them were swallowing satisfactorily, even those who died.