The study was designed to see the effect of diazepam 0.2mg/kg I.V. before the usual induction dose of ketamine 2 mg/kg I.V. on the cardiovascular parameters (heart rate, diastolic and systolic blood pressures). Eighty patients were scheduled for elective surgery allocated in two groups: [group A: (n=40) received ketamine IV and cardiovascular parameters were measured], and [group B: (n=40) diazepam 0.2mg/kg I.V. preceded ketamine by 5 minutes and cardiovascular parameters were measured]. Group A showed a significant increase in (heart rate and blood pressure) on test period. In group B: there is a significant decrease in (heart and blood pressure). The study support the idea that diazepam is effective in reducing cardiovascular effects of ketamine to make smooth induction of anaesthesia.