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1 Professor of Surgery and consultant surgeon CABS. FACS,Department Of Surgery, University Of Basrah, College Of Medicine, Basrah, Iraq

2 Sixth year medical student, Basrah College of Medicine. University of Basrah. Iraq



Appendicitis is a common surgical emergency with a global incidence of approximately 233 per 100,000 population. The incidence is higher in males than in females, and it varies across seasons and countries. This study aims to throw light on the pattern of appendicitis in Basrah. Iraq


This is a retrospective analysis of all available data in Basrah Teaching Hospital for the last 10 years covering the period from January 1999 to December 2008. The total number of hospital admissions for each year was obtained in addition to age, gender and month of admission for all the cases of appendicitis were recorded. Tables and figures were drawn and an analysis was done, using simple Chi square test, and P value as found appropriate.


There were 5412 patient underwent Appendectomy with M: F ratio as 3.4: 1. The overall mean age was 24.3 years. The highest incidence was in April, May, June, and July with a peak level in December. Ramadan (the fasting month) showed a significant increase in incidence of appendicitis


There is an increase incidence of acute appendicitis over the years with more prevalence in males and more common in the second decade of life for both males and females, also the incidence was higher in summer moths and in Ramadan.


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