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Lecturer and General Surgery Specialist, College of Nursing, University of Raparin, Rania ,Sulaimany,Iraq


Basidiobolomycosis of the colon is a very rare fungal infection disease. We report here primary colonic Basidiobolomycosis as the first female case in Iraq. A 48 years old Insulin dependent diabetic patient presented with abdominal pain , right side abdominal mass and weight loss for few months duration. CT scan revealed caecal wall thickening without intestinal obstruction. Colonoscopy revealed large fungative ulcerated mass in caecum but the mucosal biopsy was negative for malignancy and in favour of chronic inflammation .Laparotomy with right hemicolectomy and ilio-transverse anastomosis done. Histopathological examination of the excised specimen prove Basidiobolomycosis of colon for which she received 6 months course of oral Itraconazole . She recovered well from the disease with no sequela or recurrence .


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