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1 Department of Gynecology, College of Medicine, University of Basrah

2 Ports General Hospital


Background : sexual disorder is very common after delivery and it's rate is still under researches . the purpose of this study is to compare the effect of vaginal delivery versus caesarean section (C\S) on sexual function
Patients: retrospective study have been done at AL Jenainah and Al Rebat Antenatal care clinic in Basrah over a period of six months (10th May -10th November 2016 ) . 100 participant answered questionnaires (6 months after delivery) were included in this study
Results :56women delivered vaginally with episiotomy and 44 delivered by caesarean section. mean age is 28 years, all of them primiparous patients (had only one child).
80.4% who delivered vaginally and 72.7% who delivered by c\s were housewives ,44.6% (25 women), 30.4% (17 women) who delivered vaginally were finished secondary and high education respectively, while 31.8% (14women) , 38.6% (17women) who delivered by c\s were finished secondary and high education respectively .
Out of the women only orgasm and satisfaction appear to be in high association with mode of delivery with p-value (0.000, 0.002) respectively.
Conclusion: although our result showed strong association between orgasm and satisfaction with mode of delivery still the other variables may be affected by other factors like breast feeding and contraception which are not taken in consideration in our study


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