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1 ENT department ,Al Mawanee teaching hospital Basra Health center



 Tympanometry is an objective test measure the mobility (compliance) of the tympanic membrane as a function of applied air pressure in external canal, It is particularly useful in assessing the secretory otitis media during childhood. This is a prospective study performed at ENT department of the Basrah Teaching Hospital for the period from November / 2013 to February / 2014. The study is to assess the advantage of tympanometry as a diagnostic tool and to audit the uses of tympanometry in the ear diseases in ENT department of Basrah Teaching Hospital. The statistical calculations were carried out using chi-square test. The p value >0.05 was considered statistically insignificant. Fifty patients aged (4—84years) who were referred by otolaryngologist to our audiological unit for audiological assessment were included in the study. Out of these 50 patients (55 ears had otitis media with effusion, 12 ears had Eustachian tube dysfunction, 4 ears had barotraumas, 7 ears had acute otitis media, 4 ears had chronic suppurative otitis media, 2 ears had otosclerosis and 15 ears were normal on clinical examination). The clinical diagnoses was compared with tympanometric findings and the coincidence between two, was as follow; 80% in otitis media with effusion, 75% in barotraumas , 100% in acute otitis media. In conclusion; tympanometry is an important tool in the diagnosis of some of the ear diseases. It is not necessary to performed in every case as the clinical examination could clarify the diagnosis in most cases . Keywords: benefit , tympanometry


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