Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital, Basrah, IRAQ.


Septal extension graft is a unique technique for controlling nasal lengthening and tip projection, rotation, and shape by which a graft is fixed to the septum, leading to a strong and stable supporting structure. Nasal tip three-dimensional positioning is a vital and difficult component in the overall appearance of the tip.
 A total of 12 Middle Eastern patients with thick nasal envelope skin were subjected to rhinoplasty using the septal extension graft (SEG) method.
 Eleven out of the 12 patients, had pleasing results after primary rhinoplasty with SEG, while only one patient  had SEG as a secondary procedure.
 In conclusion, septal extension graft in rhinoplasty is an effective technique for achieving a strong supporting force of the nasal tip for adequate projection.
Keywords: Nasal tip, surgery, septal extension, graft, rhinoplasty