This retrospective study aimed to determine the main indications of tracheostomy in four main hospitals in Basrah centre. The study included 89 patients who were submitted to tracheostomy during a 2 year period and data was reviewed from the medical records.
Patients were 70 males (78.66%) and 19 females (21.34%). The age of the patients ranged from 1-75 years with mean age of 44.367±13.18 years. Open surgical tracheostomy was performed in all patients, 89.89% of them were submitted to surgery as elective procedure and 94.39% were operated upon under general anesthesia.
The main indications of tracheostomy in this study is the need for prolonged ventilation (61.80%) mostly caused by head injury, followed by upper aero-digestive tumor (19.1%) and lastly cranio-cervical trauma (8.89%).
In conclusion, the commonest indication of tracheostomy in Basrah is the need for prolonged ventilation.