Fournier’s gangrene is uncommon acute fulminating cellulitis of scrotum, perineum and groin which develops suddenly and often without any apparent causes. The aim of this study is to elucidate the effectiveness of early and extensive surgical excision with primarily performed complete diverting colostomy in outcome of patients.
Fourteen patients with Fournier’s gangrene were included from January 2000 to October 2005 at Basrah General Hospital. History and examination has been taken. Treatment was in form of giving triple antibiotics. Early wide extensive excision of necrotic skin with complete diverting colostomy at the same occasion has been done in all patients.
There were all male patients, their ages ranged between 4-75 years old, the average is 50 years. Determining the possible underlying cause finding that five patients has no obvious cause , three had perianal abscesses , determining the extent of disease , finding that in ten patients sloughing of tissue involved perineum , scrotum plus groin and or penis mortality were two out of fourteen patients ( 14%).
Fournier’s gangrene is a rapidly progressive, fulminate infection. With institution of aggressive treatment, including early Surgical intervention, formation of completely diverting colostomy in first operation, haemo- dynamic support if needed, intensive care monitoring and broad spectrum antibiotic coverage, the disease has a greatly reduced mortality.