Abstract The role of platelet-rich plasma in the pain relief and treatment of many orthopedic problems had gained lot of studies & practice. Yet, it hadn’t been practiced in our locality. Thus, the study of its role in the treatment of certain enthsiopathies (plantar faciitis, achillis tendinitis and lateral epicondylitis) had been planned for. A total of 63 cases of the three diseases were chosen for a case control study. They were divided into two groups: the case group who had been treated with local injection of autologous platelets rich plasma (prepared by the Trima accel cell separating machine) and the control group who were treated by local steroid injections. Pre and three post-treatment follow up of cases were done to assess the pain perception level using the simple visual analog scale (VAS). Results had shown a statistically significant reduction in pain among cases compared to control. These results were comparable to many studies elsewhere in the world. This had led us to conclude the advice to encourage this type of therapy on a large scale of patients in the future with more detailed further studies about.