ecision making is very vital in all aspects of life, no matter how simple it is. The British use to say "it is always easy to be wise after the event".
The question arises; why not to be very wise before the events? is that impossible or difficult, I think no, it is very possible for those who carry wisdom, and difficult for those who are rush and ignorant.
In surgical practice, wisdom comes on the top of all priorities, so that complications will come to the minimum possible.
Sadly still on this earth there are many of surgeons who believe in doing surgery as soon as possible probably because of motives, which does not include the patient's benefits, on the other hand, it may include the surgeon's financial gain. So they believe in incision before decision. To them I believe, it is vital to have a prolonged history taking, to probe the patient's brain in order to get everything out of it.
Proper history taking is the key for success.