Diabetes was reported to be frequently associated with inflammation of biliary tract and cholelithiasis. The definite cause of gallstones in diabetics is not well clarified. However, due to autonomic neuropathy, the contraction of gallbladder is poor resulting in hypomotility, impaired gallbladder emptying and biliary stasis resulting in increased gallbladder volume, which to predispose to gallstone formation.
This study aimed to determine the prevalence of asymptomatic gallstones and its associated factors among diabetic patients in Basrah.
This cross sectional study was carried out in diabetic Centre in Al-Fayhaa Hospital, Basrah, Iraq from November 2014 to February 2015. We recruited 210 patients with diabetes (type1 and 2), 89 males and 121 females, questionnaire used to include the sociodemographic features. BMI measurement and ultrasound examination to find gallstone was done.
Blood samples were taken for HbA1C, FBS, Lipid profile and the association between duration of diabetes, lipid levels, FBS, with gallstone was evaluated.
Gallstone was seen in 25.2% of diabetic patients. Gallstone was higher in patients with increased duration of diabetes, in patients with BMI more than 25kg/m, with increased cholesterol and triglycerides levels and with high level of HbA1C.
In conclusion, the prevalence of asymptomatic gallstones in diabetic patients in Basrah increases with increased duration of DM, high level of HbA1C, BMI, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels and with hyperglycemia. No significant association was found with; age, parity, gender and type of diabetes.