Radiographical evaluation by orthopantomography (OPG) and surgical extraction of impacted lower third molar are done to 67 patients (32 male) and (35 female) visiting Basrah Dental College, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery (2013-2014). Thirty nine patients are between 18-29 years, 77.6% are partially impacted and 22.4% completely impacted, the main complaint is pericoronitis (55.2%). The OPG accuracy in this study was as follows: concerned with dilacerated roots, K-value was <0, which means: Less than chance agreement of the OPG radiography in compare with clinical appearance of the teeth, also in relation to the normal appearance of the roots radiographically show (0.64) which is substantial agreement with the clinical appearance. While K-value gives a perfect agreement of the OPG to both fused (0.97) and extra-root >1 morphology.