Print ISSN: 1683-3589

Online ISSN: 2409-501X

Keywords : Intestinal malrotation


Firas Jabir; Issam Merdan; Wissam Saoud; Hamed Laftah

Basrah Journal of Surgery, 2020, Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 74-80
DOI: 10.33762/bsurg.2020.165493

 Congenital intestinal malrotation is an impaired embryological development of the gut causing incomplete rotation and attachment of the intestines to the abdominal wall.
 Three cases with congenital intestinal malrotation in adult patients were reviewed regarding their presentation, diagnosis and management. Two cases presented as emergency and the other one was incidental. Signs and symptoms of intestinal obstruction were the dominant presentation. A contrast computer tomography and upper gastrointestinal series confirmed the diagnosis of these cases. Ladd’s procedure was done in two cases.
 In conclusion, Intestinal malrotation should be considered as a cause of intestinal obstruction in all age groups. A contrast computer tomography is the best way to reveal this malformation. Surgical treatment is the greatest choice to relieve symptoms.