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Obituary : Dr. Falih Mohammed Hasan Al-Obaidi 1943-2004 Dr. F M Al-Obaidi, who unfortunately died suddenly in 2004, was a graduate of Baghdad College of Medicine in 1966. He had the degree of Diploma in Surgery from Baghdad university and the Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1979. He was appointed in Tikrit General Hospital, Ministry of Health and moved to join us in Basrah in 1979 were he was appointed as a lecturer, department of Surgery, Basrah College of Medicine. He also worked at Basrah General Hospital at first then he moved to Basrah Teaching Hospital in 1980 as a consultant in General Surgery where he was involved in both under and postgraduate teaching. His sincere interest in patients and colleagues quickly gained him the respect of all who met him. He was energetic and enthusiastic in all tasks he undertook. Dr. Falih worked for a period as a head of department of surgery in Basrah Teaching Hospital as well as he was the registrant of the department of surgery at Basrah College of Medicine for years. He was not only an excellent teacher but also a great asset to all. We always relied on him as he was known for his thorough, prompt and fair responses. In 1996 he moved to Baghdad and was appointed as Assistant professor in the department of surgery, Medical College of Baghdad University and Senior Consultant Surgeon in the Medical City Teaching Hospital. He was a man whose kind words, hearty laugh and personal warmth endeared him to all. We shall miss his good humour and quick wit. He is survived by his wife, his daughter and his son Adnan Y. Abdul Wahab

Adnan Y. Abdul Wahab

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2005, , Page 130-130


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